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Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe Youtube

The match was gripping from start to finish and was acclaimed by both fans and critics. Apart from that, some websites also hailed it as 'the match of '. The match proved why Brock Lesnar is one of the dominant champions, while also giving bump to other superstars. A week later, Roman Reigns again called out Brock Lesnar to a title match, but Samoa Joe came out and asked Lesnar to give him a rematch first. Reigns and Joe then competed in a number one contender's match, but Strowman returned and attacked both the superstars, resulting in a no contest. Early in the match, all the three challengers punished Brock Lesnar. Samoa Joe trapped the champion in the Coquina Clutch, while Roman Reigns speared him through the barricade. Braun Strowman, on the other hand, powerslammed Lesnar through an announce table. However, the streak killer soon returned to the match as he trapped Strowman in the Kimura Lock. Roman Reigns tried to fight back, but Joe trapped him in the Coquina Clutch. At one point, Strowman came very close to winning the match, but Brock Lesnar pulled the referee out of the ring, voiding the pinfall. Samoa Joe again tried to trap Brock Lesnar in his submission move, but the champ delivered an F-5 for the near-fall.

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No word on who Brock Lesnar's Royal Rumble opponent is. But who is Lesnar's Rumble opponent? We have no answers! Thank you for tuning into our live card! We'll see you tomorrow for SmackDown Live! Strowman stands tall! Kane sits up. This isn't good for Braun! Storwman does the sit-up as well! They have a staredown as Kane is taken aback! The Monster Among Men is down. Kane is setting up a table! Strowman and Kane level each other with clotheslines at the same time!

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Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar Do Huge Youtube Numbers For WWE, Top Performers

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RJ Danvers

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Cain performs a complete examination. He inserts his hand into and out of his voluntary patient. He then flips Boyhouse over so he can probe from behind. He goes deeper inward. He flips Boyhouse onto his back again, examining his gaping hole. Increasing his rhythm, Cain rhythmically pushes his fist in and out with syncope. Boyhouse jerks his hard cock until he ejaculates all over his cock and stomach. Cain builds up the load, fiddling with a large ruby-red Boyhous rosebud. Cain ends up all over the examination table. The itching has been relieved, at least for now!

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